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The Copper and Lumber Hotel

Antigua, West Indies, The Caribbean.

The Copper and Lumber Hotel is located in NELSON's DOCKYARD, home port of the English fleet under Lord Nelson. The hotel is located in the some of the original buildings, constructed by Lord Nelson during the period 1783 when it was used to store copper and lumber for ship building and maintenance.

The process of authentic restoration and conversion of the property into a Georgian Inn was begun in 1982 to 1988. Today the hotel is a luxurious blend of gracious living and fascinating naval history.

The hotel consists of 14 suites or studios, each named after one of Lord Nelson's ships. All are superbly furnished.

The Island of Antigua is in the Leeward Island of the Caribbean.

Discover this marvellous island located to the north the of Guadeloupe. There is a new anchorage for every day of the year, with at least ten perfectly safe bays, where you will be able to listen to and admire the beauty of the waves breaking on the coral reefs. From Nelson's Dockyard you will discover Nonsuch Bay, one of most beautiful of the Caribbean. Each small island around Antigua is protected by a coral reef, behind which you will be able to admire schools of tropical fish and with a little luck, a majestic turtle.

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Deluxe Accommodation in English Harbour.

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